4 Tips for Music Marketing & Promotion in 2017

These are Complimentary or little cost Music Promo ideas anybody can do in 2017.

1. Get your music on streaming websites. This is iTunes, I Heart Radio, Pandora, Tidal and more.

2. Collab/ Connect. Go beyond your community and get in touch with other indie artist who have a buzz or great music. Social network makes it easer to collab with music artists and get functions.

3. Get an Online Music Resume. You need 1 page with all your info on it. This online page needs to have your "Hottest Video," Music, Artist Bio, the amount of fans you have, your evaluations and accomplishments, your social media, contact details and more. Don't make your fans go to all your different pages to learn about you. Make it expert and simple for them to understand who you are.

4. Facebook promotion. For $5- $50 you can reach thousands of individuals with Facebook ads. You can target location, male/female, age and more.

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