Book Marketing, Book Promotion, Book Publicity and Creative eBook Marketing Ideas

For more info visit : In this video we examine , , Book Publicity and other Creative Ideas that are effective and fun to do. Yes, you heard it right if you're not having fun, marketing your book then it will show and the energy will not flow.

So first of all think of all the creative ways you can engage with your audience around your book.

Here are just some for , or any other information product for that matter.

You can throw a party and invite all your clients and your friends to help you celebrate the completion of your book.

You can create a challenger, a contest around the book and get people involved in the process to win the prize.

There are so many online ideas. For example, you could create a slideshow presentation and share it on social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

You could do a webinar teaching the basic principles of the book. Then record the webinar and put it on your own website as a product.

Another great idea for your book publicity or is to create an e-course. This can be simply done by taking the key lessons from the books and then using the autoresponder to email each lesson over a specified period of time.

As you see there are so many ideas to choose from. But the key is to choose what is fun for you and fits your target audience.

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