Digital Customer Experience: Cordial in Focus

Digital Customer Experience Cordial In Focus
Digital Customer Experience: Cordial In Focus 2

Deliver higher quality and more comprehensive customer data to AWS in real-time to drive better insights and engagements with Cordial.

Cordial’s cross-channel messaging and data platform is designed for agile marketing teams to send personal, relevant, and intelligent messages across any channel. Activate unlimited amounts of customer data up-to-the-second and connect with complex business data, regardless of its structure or schema.

Cordial is powered by and runs only on AWS, delivering a unified brand experience personalized to each person across all channels, including email, SMS, mobile app, web acquisition, and REST channels. Collect all your customer data in one platform, and use it to build audience segments, discover trends, and automate customer experiences at an enterprise scale.

Join Beth Dabagian, Director, Partnerships and Channels from Cordial and AWS for a special conversation and hands-on solution demonstration.

You will learn:

  • Learn about major challenges Customer Service Agents are facing today 
  • Hear how Cordial can improve your email revenue 
  • See an on-demand demo of the solution in practice 

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