How to Build and Promote Your Dental Practice: Easy, Low-cost Marketing and Promotion Ideas You Can Start Using Today

Lots of dentists are trying to market their work — and most of them are doing it badly.

And while there are lots of dentists out there, you really can distinguish what you do from what others do — and bring good, high quality patients into your practice.

That’s what this book is about: using low-cost, efficient, effective marketing and promotional tools to make your practice and your office what you want it to be — a place where you and your staff like to work, where patients receive high quality, value-perceived care, and where you make a good return, both for your monetary investment, and your time.

Some highlights:

1. How to distinguish yourself from other dentists in your area (chapter 1)

2. How to recognize your target patients, and provide them with the best care. Why failing to recognize target patients will sabotage your marketing and promotional efforts. (chapter 2)

3. How to have what you really want in your work. And while that includes money, it's certainly not all. (chapter 2)

4. Why it's important to think carefully about your geographical location. (chapter 2)

5. Why a specialty is so important — and why it's not necessarily one that involves certification. (chapter 4)

6. How to recognize what you're really good at — and why that's important. To you and your patients. (chapter 4)

7. How relationships (with patients, colleagues, and the general public) are so important to building your practice. (chapter 5)

8. The most important way of building relationships. (It costs nothing). (chapter 5)

9. How to use mobile marketing. The pluses — and the minuses. (chapter 6)

10. The most important thing you need to use email for. (chapter 7)

11. What important marketing tool should ALWAYS be sent by physical mail. (chapter 7)

12. Why marketing is good for your patients. (chapter 8)

13. The differences in dealing with men and women in your practice. (chapter 9)

14. How to use your "faults" to your advantage in promotion. (chapter 10)

15. How to use Twitter, Facebook, even Youtube to promote your practice. (chapter 11)

16. The easiest way to get out in front of your local public. How to make that work, even if you're initially scared of doing it. (chapter 12)

17. How to have your patients clamoring to bring referrals to you. How to legally "bribe" them. (chapter 13)

18. How to exponentially increase the power of print advertising by coordinating it with online resources: stop wasting your yellow pages and newspaper costs! (chapter 14)