How to Build and Promote Your Law Practice: Easy, Low-cost Marketing and Promotion Ideas You Can Start Using Today

Lots of lawyers are trying to market their work — and most of them are doing it badly.

And while there are lots of lawyers out there, you really can distinguish what you do from what others do — and bring good, high quality clients into your practice. Clients who are good to deal with. Clients who are pleasant and pay on time without complaining. Clients who don’t bicker with you about your fees. Clients who keep appointments. And clients who will speak well of you (so important in our time!) and who will refer others to your practice.

And while referrals aren’t everything, they are a big thing. Even with internet marketing, even with social media, even with advertising, word about your practice — good or bad — gets around. And what you want are the type of clients who will speak well of you, and bring other clients like themselves (good, high quality clients) into your practice.

Because referrals have a way of becoming contagious. If you have a client who’s happy about you and your work, that person’s going to mention you to others. Not in a calculated way, but it’s inevitable. This especially happens when you bring quality add-on services to your practice.

And that’s what this book is about: using low-cost, efficient, effective marketing and promotional tools to make your practice and your office what you want it to be — a place where you and your staff like to work, where clients receive high quality, value-perceived practice, and where you make a good return, both for your monetary investment, and your time.

And it doesn’t have to be hard: what it does require is taking a first step (such as buying and studying this book, and implementing the plans we’re going to outline here) and getting your staff to think of themselves not just as technicians, assistants, or receptionists, but realizing that by putting on a marketing hat, they will ensure that their job is more enjoyable, more secure, and will ultimately be better paid.