Muscle Marketing USA Xtra Advantage Creatine Serum, Raspberry, 5.1 Ounces

30 Servings = 30 Workouts. Pure Creatine Monohydrate. 100% Stable. Helps preserve muscular tissue mass. Protects against healthy protein malfunction because of intense workout. Avoids degeneration. No loading. No upkeep. 2-Year stability. Each offering products the equivalent of 2,500 mg of creatine monohydrate. For all sports activities (aerobic and also anaerobic). Creatine Serum is the most effective means to extend your power level throughout extreme exercises. Xtra Advantage Creatine Serum provides you all the advantages of taking creatine without the side effects powdered creatine develops. Product vs. Powder: Convenient and user friendly vs. Inconvenient as well as taxing; No Loading: Take simply minutes before exercise vs. Loading Required: Must be absorbed large amounts for 5 days before exercise; No Maintenance: Take only on training days vs. Daily Maintenance: Must be tackled non-training days; Instant absorption vs. Takes one hour or even more to digest; Completely absorbed right into the muscle mass in mins vs. 50% Wasted during the digestion process; 100% Stable: 2-Year shelf life vs. Unstable: Rapidly weakens right into waste item creatinine; Does not create water retention, bloating or constraining vs. Causes water retention leading to dehydration, bloating as well as cramping; Stay with your typical water intake vs. Must take in additional water to combat dehydration.