Music and digital strategies – Marketing, promotion, monetization and mobility

« Books like this one are essential tools for modern musicians seeking to understand the realities of the digital marketplace »

Which means should be deployed for an innovative musical strategy in a complex digital environment? How can we further develop relationships between artists and fans? How to «monetize» via any form of media and make the artist's activities profitable in a world that is changing its economic model?

In its PDF version, this book sets out to provide help for artists, labels, producers, media and managers with the use of digital marketing to optimize the promotion and distribution of artistic works.

Virginie Berger assumes that artists cannot survive without building a genuine bond with their public. In 'Music and Digital Strategies', she draws upon real case studies, goes into detail and explains principles such as direct-to-fans, the fanbase, the production of content adapted to each media form and to various platforms, monetization in all its forms (from digital distribution to streaming), not forgetting YouTube… She addresses every solution to exist within a competitive and digital environment …

The author: Virginie Berger (@virberg) has more than 15 years of experience in the media, the music industry and technology. Former marketing Director of Myspace, she also worked for the NRJ group and Microsoft, and is the CEO of the DBTH agency, ( a strategy and development firm providing help for artists, cultural industries and emerging technologies. It offers an alternative to the current economic model of the music industry by developing specific services dedicated to artistic entrepreneurs and their entourage. It also provides solutions in terms of distribution, marketing, traditional and web promotion while enabling artists to preserve their rights.

She also created Don’t believe the Hype (, a free and non-profit website dedicated to music marketing for artists and their professional entourage.

This book was prefaced by Dave Kusek, co-author of The Future of Music and former Director of, the world's largest online music school.
The book was translated from French by