Music Marketing: Strategy [7 Steps] (Music Business Lesson MM-001)

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In this lesson James Taylor of the Music Company Institute goes through the 7 steps of successful music marketing.

It's both a blueprint and a roadmap that you can also utilize to develop the sort of music career you prefer. It's also stealthily simple although the execution will need that you discover some step-by-step techniques and methods.

1. Construct Your Fan Lists
Exactly what is the something that successful artists share – LISTS. Lists are the lifeblood of your company as an artist and without them it's almost impossible to make a living from your craft.

2. Develop Relationships With Fans
The relationship with your lists will sustain you mentally, creatively and financially over lots of, many years if you do it right.

However if you disrespect your lists, speak to them, or treat them as just an income source then you are most likely to have an extremely brief profession in music indeed.

3. Learn Exactly what Fans Want
There exists two main schools (or People) in the marketing of music, the Cool Kids and The Musicpreneur. These 2 people have very different ideas when it concerns innovation in music and the idea of paying attention to your fans.

4. Produce Work That Excites Fans
A musician today has 2 jobs; creating and interacting. Music Company Institute is mostly about teaching the latter rather than the former since we need to presume you know the best ways to create amazing work. Developing is about refining your craft as a musician. Interacting is about discovering ways to market and offer exactly what you have actually developed. It's why we call it the Music Service. Music + Company.

5. Identify Fan Type
OK, by this point you know that structure lists, establishing relationships with them, learning exactly what they desire and creating work that thrills them is important. The 'fan ladder' aims to move someone from simply being slightly thinking about your music to where they will purchase whatever you ever produce (performance tickets, recordings, product). You want to move them from being a 'suspect' to a 'extremely fan' or "true fans".

6. Empower Super Fans
Successful artists always have their own small army of super fans. Beliebers (Justin Bieber), Swifties (Taylor Swift), Little Monsters (Lady Gaga), Lovatics (Demi Lovato) and Smilers (Miley Cyrus) are all examples of Super Fans.

7. Promote Work Using Occasions

The final step is about promoting your work using occasions. First of all occasions they produce enjoyment around your music. There are different kinds of occasions which can be utilized to promote your work. There are product launch occasions, tour announcement events, promotional events and a lot more.

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