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Why Don't They Tell You The Link Between Amazon Kindle Publishing And How To Make Money Online

What The Kindle Writing Gurus Won't Tell You …
How You Can Quickly Make Money Online From Your Kindle Publishing!

If you have written a book; poured your heart and soul into it; Kindle have published it and you sat back to watch just a trickle of sales come through; you have given away more copies than you have sold; you have reduced the price time and time again: then this EBook is for you!

Are You Looking For Ways To Advertise, Market and Promote Your Kindle EBook?
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Have a look around the Kindle Publishing Marketplace and you will find a plethora of Kindle Ebooks that tell you how to write for Amazon Kindle. They tell you how to add images, format your paragraphs and what fonts to use. They tell you how to load it up to the Amazon Marketing Machine and publish your Ebook, and even why you should, or should not use the KDP Select program.

Very few will provide you with good and solid explanations of how and what to do to get it front of people.

In This EBook You Will Quickly Learn;

Why people don't write Kindle EBooks and Why You Need To Organise Your Work
Why You Have To Blow Your Own Horn To Make People Dance
Why The Power Lies With The People, By The People and For The People – I'm Talking Kindle Reviews
The Art That Is Kindle Publishing: How To Set The Right Price For Your EBook
How To Market Your Kindle EBook For No Cost, Low Cost and Donations
How To Market Your Kindle Published EBook With Paid For Sites And Maximise Your Exposure
And Much More ….

Not to mention the checklist of the marketing plan and over 100 links to resources and sites to post your masterpiece!

So If You Want To achieve;

The understanding, Internet savvy and the right approach to Advertising, Marketing and Promoting Your EBook
Listing your EBook for the maximum exposure on all the authority EBook sites
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