The Marketing Blueprint: Lessons to Market & Sell Anything

Are you an entrepreneur, marketing director or CEO looking to take your brand to the next level, without spending millions of dollars? Are you a marketer, working for yourself, or a brand, and want to improve your skills to get better results? Are you a marketing student that wants a competitive edge over his or her peers? Or, are you someone who simply wants to improve their personal brand, in order to obtain better job opportunities? Forget the old marketing textbooks that spew endless theories at you, without tangible examples to use them in. Whether your goal is to grow one of your side projects into a marketable business, to improve the revenues of your current brand, or to better the brand of the company you work for, The Marketing Blueprint is what you need.

This step-by-step guide compiles all essential marketing strategies, such as:

* How to market, from forming marketing strategies, to business development, to improving your selling skills

* How to become a more efficient marketer, by understanding and using leverage effectively

* How to market yourself and your brand's people, to ensure better business opportunities

* How to create brands and products that make people talk and stay relevant for years

To top it all off, this book has more than 30 lessons of practical content that you can use right away in your business. Longer hours and bigger textbooks aren't the answer to your success. By being the smartest marketer around, you can ensure you will grow your business' revenues.

That's exactly what The Marketing Blueprint is all about.