The Marketing Series 7: The Marketing Mix: Promotion

– 30 minutes, 2013

Key Topics

Direct Marketing
PR & Sponsorship
Point Of Sale Promo
Above The Line/Below The Line
Marketing Ethics
Web v Conventional Promo

An exploration of a key element of the Marketing Mix: Promotion.

PART 1 (15 minutes): Introduction To promotion/. Why operate promote their products? To sell more, of course– however it's not as easy as that. There are different reasons requiring different services: a various "promotional mix". In this part we look mostly at marketing, in all its types including TV, radio, signboards, cinema and press– as well as the web, which now threatens the presence of some of the old media. Exactly what does the web offer compared to older media?

PART 2 (15 minutes): Other parts of the marketing mix. In this part we look at the other aspects in the advertising mix (apart from advertising, covered in Part 1): consisting of direct marketing (mail, e-mail & social networks), public relations, sponsorship and point of sale. Above the line and listed below the line: exactly what do these terms mean? Do they use these days? Marketing Ethics: big companies are extremely hot on "accountable marketing", however what does it cost? is real, how much PR whitewash?

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