Unlimited LED P8 8mm (Double-sided) 4ft X 8ft (Full Color) Programmable LED Digital Sign Board Outdoor

LED Lights Unlimited offer a substantial range of premium quality, high impact led display screen check in a plethora of dimensions and also styles, all aimed at helping you stand out over your rivals, which in turn can substantially help advertise sales and add a wonderful increase to your company or company. Selecting correct led sign for your commercial property might rely on several variables, such as, the dimension, color, the phrasing and also generally the expense. We can aid in all those locations and we make certain you will discover the excellent led sign at a genuine bargain right here. We refine the order based upon your needs. P8 LED Sign Board Double sided Full Color: Please look into the pictures for additional information on this sign such as technical specifications as well as warranty information. Our Contact Information: LED Lights Unlimited LLC. Showroom/Warehouse 2048 Cypress Creek Pkwy Houston, Texas, 77090. -LRB-832-RRB-680-6111 -LRB-713-RRB-377-4726 unlimitedleds@gmail.com www.unlimitedleds.com